America's Funniest Home Videos is ending season 27 with a big aw! Here are 27 adorable babies and tots guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Be sure to tune in at 7pm EST and 11:37pm PST on ABC on Sunday May 21st for the grand prize spectacular!

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Small Dog Doesn’t Like To Share This pup may be small, but he sure isn't afraid to give it his all when it comes to guarding his food! Or at least, what he thinks is his food! This p...
Raccoon wears owner’s underwear A pet raccoon jumps across the floor in order to model his funny looking outfit. Too cute!
Parrot takes nap in owner’s pocket Sunny the parrot decides to cuddle up with its owner by snuggling in his shirt pocket. Adorable!
Sugar dog place sugar) Sugar dog place sugar)Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description...
Runaway Stunt Bike Flees From It’s Rider Runaway Stunt Bike Flees From It’s Rider
Shiba Inu ready for the holiday season Chiko the Shiba inu is in a festive mood as he shows how happy he is for the holidays. Priceless!