Almost 1 year ago today, 4 pups were born to a mother on a chain. 3 were rescued and one was left behind as their laws were not strong enough to protect him.The 3 rescued brothers had a much different fate than the one left behind. He was chained sometimes and let loose to roam other times, resulting in him being hit by a car. One week ago, the fourth pup, "Cuatro", had his day. These people were able to finally rescue him after almost a year of dreaming about it. Their elated tears of joy soon turned to despair as they realized there was a break in his back from the accident and were told he had no control with his anus muscles or tail. His prognosis seemed bleak. Just one short week later, his bowels are functioning almost perfectly and he miraculously is defying all odds. Cuatro was well enough to receive his first visitor at the rehab center; his brother (litter mate), Sinbad. Remember that these people were told that Cuatro would never have feeling in his tail and that amputation was suggested. It was a glorious reunion in so many ways!

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