AFV knows funny, and we sure know funny animals when we see them! Celebrate AFV's Season 27 spectacular finale with the funniest, furriest friends around! And don't for get to tune in on Sunday May 21st at 7pm EST and 11:37PST on ABC to catch the big finale!

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Loving cat preciously cuddles dog A dog peacefully lays in the arms of a very friendly feline in this heartwarming clip. Who says dogs and cats can't be friends?
Four dogs and a cat pose for Christmas picture Herding four dogs and a cat for the annual Christmas picture certainly has its challenges! Will they all be able to cooperate for a successful photo? ...
Parrot becomes motionless during shower An extremely relaxed parrot take some time off to fully enjoy a shower. Credit to @beautyparrot
Toddler’s suction bowl fail is even funny fo... This kid can't figure out why his bowl won't lift up, so uses all his strength. What happens next causes everyone, including himself, to laugh!
Kids pranked into believing uncle ate all their Ha... Watch what happens when this guy decides to prank his niece and nephew by telling them that he has eaten all of their hard-earned Halloween candy. Don...
Cat uses spoon to eat yogurt Non-chan the cat seems to need more practice using a spoon in order to eat yogurt he loves. He's onto a great start!