Daddy left alone with baby and dog ( Charlie the dog)

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PRANK: Happy Ending Massage This guy definitely did not expect something like this. lol
Cat pulled by RC car couldn’t care less This cat is so lazy that he literally doesn't care if he's being pulled across the floor by a remote controlled car. Typical!
Dog knocks down gate, frees other dogs These huskies desperately want to go outside and play, so Bruiser the dachshund beagle mix comes to save the day! Prison break!
Dog challenges pet raccoon to tug-of-war match Jonathon the raccoon doesn't seem to be putting much effort in as he gets dragged across the floor. What an incredible friendship!
Puppy receives loving belly rubs from owner This lucky puppy spends a Saturday enjoying a very relaxing belly rub. Credit to @theo_and_tiny_tink
One Stuck Pup This poor pup went and got his head stuck inside of a jar! He just goes around and around in circles until his owner helps him out and releases him fr...