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Baby Babbles A Good Argument This little kid might end up being the best lawyer when he gets older! He's barely able to talk at his young age, but that doesn't stop him from tryin...
India, the Most Innocent Kitten in the World Adorable five week old kitten hamming it up, being cute, in her little basket
You shall not pass human- Funny dog doesn’t ... You shall not pass human- Funny dog doesn't want me to go to bathroom
Einstein the Parrot encourages you to eat celery Do as Einstein says, "Get ya some celery! It's good!" If you don't believe it, listen to the lip smacking sound he makes!
does not want to take a bath child does not want to take a bath, hold on to pour water on head
Rescued orphaned monkeys scared of the rain These four baby monkeys are rescued orphans and are cared for at a rehabilitation center. They are usually very hyper - running, jumping, climbing and...