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Foster kitten falls asleep In dog’s fur A very patient and gentle 4-year-old Golden Retriever allows a tiny and cute foster kitten to take a nap in his warm and cozy stomach fur. He seems co...
Human-dog hybrid enjoys breakfast Get a load of this human-dog mutation! It seems the creature is having its breakfast at this point. What do you think of this?
Girl goes to school, dog experiences separation cr... Samson gets so sad when his best friend Sierra leaves for school. Little Sierra just can't take Samson being so sad! Such sweet friends!
Dog crying to Music. Cute Dog crying while music i... Dog is crying to the Music Big City Life.
Vocal husky always gets the last word You can never walk away when a sassy husky is talking to you. Only he can end the conversation!
Giant panda adorably wrestles a snowman Watch as Da Mao, a Giant Panda as the Toronto Zoo, goes up against a harmless snowman! Credit to 'Toronto Zoo'.